U3A with stroke awareness for seniors

Lesley Kirmsse, Julie Barnes, Mary Courtney and Margaret Porter. Pictures: SAMANTHA WANTLING

By Lucy Waldron

In celebration of October as Seniors’ Month, the University of the 3rd Age (U3A) Granite Belt is gearing up to host an informative general meeting centred around stroke awareness.

U3A Granite Belt, an educational organisation catering to individuals in their third age, is renowned for offering a wide range of courses, workshops, and activities that promote lifelong learning and personal development.

These educational opportunities cover various subjects such as arts and crafts, history, literature, languages, health and well-being, technology, and more.

On Friday 6 October an information stall was held at the Stanthorpe Piazza where attendees were able to learn more about U3A and the important work they do while listening to some great music by the Storm King Dam Pluckers, and their commitment to the community does not stop there.

As part of their dedication to the well-being of their members, the organisation recognises the importance of raising awareness about strokes, which tend to affect the elder generation more significantly.

U3A’s upcoming general meeting, scheduled for 19 October, will be an interactive and informative session focused on stroke awareness. U3A Granite Belt’s publicity officer, Lesley Kirmsse, said they recognise the importance of raising awareness for strokes in the community.

“The elder generation is more susceptible to strokes, so it’s crucial that individuals within this age range get involved in the course and become aware of the signs,“ Lesley said.

The organisation provides a supportive and inclusive environment where members can engage in intellectual stimulation, social interaction, and the sharing of knowledge and experiences. U3A Granite Belt encourages active participation from its members, fostering a sense of community and friendship among like-minded individuals.

For more information on the event and U3A visit www.u3agranitebelt.org.au/