Ingenious sheep section Q&A

Creative interpretations of sheep are encouraged.

Born out of necessity, but boosted by popularity, the Ingenious sheep has become a firm favourite within the Sheep and Wool Pavillion at the Stanthorpe Show.

Q: What it is about their section that makes it special.

A: With sheep numbers dropping in the district due to the drought and fires, Ingenious Sheep Section began in order to continue the proud history of the sheep and wool producers promoting their livelihoods. Its aim now is to be an inclusive section for the entire district to become involved in some friendly competition. Each competitor is encouraged to devise a ‘stud’ name from which their ‘sheep’ has been ‘bred’ at. Its not necessarily the best crafted representation of a sheep that wins either. Sheep are encouraged to be made out of any material with its wool made of literally anything. Creativity with interpretation is encouraged. This gives visitors many giggles and has become a photo worthy section.

A shocking theft last year saw a community call out for the return of the prize winning lamb of the section. Lambert was returned sheepishly after a night out on the town.

Q: Changes happening for 2024

A: The sections are focusing on three areas this year. A life-sized sheep, A miniature ( 10 – 30 cm) sheep and a diorama setting of a sheep farm.

Q: Location and contact details

A: Sheep and Wool Pavillion All day Friday till 8 pm, Sat till 2 pm.

Entries can be brought in on Thursday before the show between 4 and 6 pm

Q: 2024 Ingenious Sheep Section


E 4 – 1 Life Size: This ‘sheep’ must be a similar size and shape of an actual sheep.

E 4 – 2 Miniature Breed: Models of ‘sheep’ strictly between 10 and 30 cm high.

E 4 – 3 Sheep Farm Diorama Models of ‘sheep’ farm displayed within a decorated cardboard box/ shoe box no larger than 60cm long and 40 cm high. Handmade or store-purchased decorations are equally encouraged.

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