A lucky day for Grace and Harry

The wedding party.

A “scratchie” under two random chairs at the wedding ceremony helped decide who would act as witnesses for the signing of the wedding certificate when Grace and Harry Frizzell were married on 18 November.

Grace is the middle child and only daughter of Glen and Kerryn Easey while Harry is the youngest and only son of Paul and Julie Frizzell.

The pair were married at Glenbridge Country Country weddings with Grace attended by bridesmaids Samantha Dwan, Jade Davies, Caity Savovski and Ashleigh Brown. Harry’s groomsmen were Sam Falls, Nick Dwan, Michael Van de Sande and Nathan O’Leary. Oliver Easey and Finnegan Peters were the pageboys.

“We couldn’t decide on witnesses for our ceremony certificate (we didn’t have a maid of honour/ best man) so we opted to tape two scratchies under random chairs and let luck choose our people,” Grace explained.

“One of the people who found a scratchie was a part of Harry’s parents wedding and also signed their ceremony certificate; the other was my friend from Taiwan witnessing her first wedding in the western world, pretty special for all of us.”

The lucky chair wasn’t the only unique touch the couple chose to use in their wedding.

“We are both country people, having a big love for our cattle, sheep and horses, as are our families,” Grace said.

“To symbolise our families becoming one we performed a branding ceremony just after signing our certificate. We branded a sign that Harry and I both made ourselves. It had our brand in the middle, my parents on the left and Harrys parents on the right.”

The couple have been together for almost eight years.

“We originally met at school and did rodeo prac together but he was always too shy and would often ignore my attempts to talk to him other than a quick hello,” Grace laughed.