Warm up in the workplace

Allison Alderman's Workin' Wear has been a staple in the community for 16 years (Lucy Waldron: 418004_01)

When Allison Alderman first opened Workin’ Wear Warwick 16 years ago, she was a single mum, seeking to create a stable income for herself and her son. Over the years, her store has grown and flourished, becoming a beloved part of the community.

Workin’ Wear Warwick is not just about workwear.

“We’ve got ladies’ wear, corporate clothes, casual polos, men’s casual jeans and shirts. There is quite a mix in everything,” Allison said.

The store prides itself on offering a diverse range of gear and boots.

“Boot sizes start at size three and go up to 15 in a work boot, which is about a 17 in a jogger. I try to cater for all sizes because we all come in different shapes and sizes.”

Reflecting on her long career, Allison says, “I’ve always loved what I do. I’ve been selling work boots for over 30 years. The customers are awesome, and I love the local support I get. It’s been a wild trip, and I’m going strong.” Despite challenges like Covid-19, droughts, and bushfires, her business has continued to grow.

Through it all, she remains deeply grateful to her loyal customers. “I really appreciate my local customers; they have been absolutely awesome,” she said.

Looking ahead, Allison has plans for the future. “As everyone knows, I am up for sale. It’s not because I want to sell, but because of my health. The goal is to semi-retire and concentrate on my health. I have faith that the right people will take this on and keep it going in the direction it is.”

Allison’s business endeavours have been a staple in the community for over 22 years, with 16 of those years as Workin’ Wear Warwick.

“I’ve been the local supplier for 16 years in this location, and I’m one of the biggest stockists of Mongrel Boots in southeast Queensland,” Allison said.

Visit Workin Wear Warwick to be surprised by the variety and quality of products available. Enjoy excellent service, fair pricing, and a diverse range of items. Support a local business that has been dedicated to serving its community for over two decades.