Inspired by the HeArt

Here’s cheer to a successful exhibition from the heart for both Maryke Miller and Judi Pidgeon. Pictures: SAMANTHA WANTLING

By Samantha Wantling

Art enthusiasts can currently explore a captivating exhibition at ArtWorks, showcasing the works of two esteemed regional artists. Despite the distinctiveness in their artistic expressions, the collaborative display harmoniously captures the essence of inspiration from the heart.

Judi Pidgdon, one of the featured artists, curated her exhibition by selecting subjects that bring her immense joy, meticulously breathing life into them through her chosen medium—watercolor. Transitioning from various mediums, Judi has found her artistic home in watercolor, appreciating the results achieved through the interplay of water and paint.

This medium, with its fluidity, allows her to convey mood and emotion effectively. With a profound fascination for the interplay of light and its transformative effects on subjects, Judi skillfully imparts a visually soothing quality to her creations.

Nature, particularly her love for gardens and the inherent beauty found in the natural world, serves as a consistent wellspring of inspiration for Judi. Her distinctive painting style, blending loose strokes with intricate details, seamlessly integrates these influences onto the canvas. Infused with the surrounding atmosphere, Judi’s artwork leaves a lasting impression on the viewer, captivating their senses.

In a thoughtful complement to Judi’s watercolor pieces, potter Maryke Miller joins the “HeArt Inspired“ Exhibition. Embracing the opportunity, Maryke focuses on low-fired techniques, namely Saggar Fired Post and some Raku pieces. Both firing processes, conducted at around 1000 Degrees Celsius, yield distinct outcomes.

Maryke revels in the challenges presented by working with fire, whether it’s handling pots at the intense temperature required for Raku or the gentler approach employed in producing Saggar Fired ware. Each firing process, while presenting its own set of challenges, consistently produces unique and remarkable results.

The exhibition garnered praise from Councillor Stephen Tancred and artist Laurie Astill, both emphasising the emotional depth evoked by the showcased artworks. Undoubtedly, the “HeArt Inspired“ exhibition, a fusion of Judi Pidgdon’s watercolors and Maryke Miller’s pottery, offers a sensory journey that resonates with the diverse emotions that art is designed to evoke.

Art enthusiasts and the curious alike have the opportunity to experience the “HeArt Inspired“ exhibition, running until 14 January at ArtWorks in the Stanthorpe Railway Precinct. This exhibition promises an unforgettable artistic encounter, urging visitors not to miss this unique blend of creative expressions.