Connecting after disasters with Telstra

Stanthorpe will be getting new high power generators through Telstra. Picture: CONTRIBUTED

Stanthorpe, along with other towns in the Darling Downs and South West communities, is set to benefit from Telstra’s upgrades, ensuring seamless reconnection with loved ones and essential services following natural disasters.

Telstra is implementing a range of initiatives, including the introduction of upgraded payphones and power backup technology, along with mobile coverage and performance enhancements across the state.

The goal is to facilitate a swift recovery for communities affected by disasters, providing essential lifelines during challenging times.

Telstra Southern Queensland Regional General Manager May Boise said communities in the region know first-hand what Mother Nature can do and it is important to be able to stay in touch with loved ones during a natural disaster.

“We have a long history of responding to extreme weather events. Our people are often the first on the ground to assess and restore our network when it’s safe to do so,” Ms Boise said.

“While our network and other infrastructure like electricity can be affected during a natural disaster, we continually work to find better, faster ways to reconnect affected communities.

“We’re rolling out these new measures right now while also working towards a more resilient future.”

Seven new trailer-mounted, high-powered generators are being rolled out to key parts of Darling Downs and South West this summer, as part of a multi-million-dollar co-investment under the Federal Government’s Strengthening Telecommunications Against Natural Disasters (STAND) program.

Telstra is deploying 110 of these new generators across the country, including Roma, Stanthorpe, Goodiwindi and Gatton.

“We have back-up power systems built into many of our network sites, but these high-powered provide extra support in regional areas recently affected by bushfires or at risk of natural disasters and will help restore power to affected sites and help improve telecommunications resilience,” Ms Boise said.

The company’s commitment extends beyond infrastructure upgrades. Telstra is investing in its mobile network across the state, with a focus on providing better coverage and performance improvements.

Over the past seven years, Telstra invested $11 billion in its national mobile network, with $4 billion dedicated to regional mobile network development.

Telstra’s disaster support initiatives include providing 100GB of extra data for customers in disaster-affected areas, testing emergency roaming capabilities, deploying a Telstra Response Team comprising technicians and specialised disaster assistance agents, and trialing portable satellite technology for quick deployment in evacuation centres.

As the region braces for the challenges of the upcoming disaster season, Telstra’s comprehensive approach aims to bolster connectivity and support for communities, ensuring they can swiftly recover and reconnect in times of need.

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