Light Horse spectacle

The 11th Light Horse Darling Downs Troop. Pictures: ANNIE MITCHELL

Members of the 11th Light Horse Darling Downs Troop brought a taste of World War I horsemanship to the present day when they wowed the audience at the Stanthorpe Show, riding in military formation in an impressive re-enactment.

The historical re-enactors have carefully trained their horses to keep calm under unusual conditions including noises reminiscent of mortar fire and to undergo skill-at-arms activities.

The troop members pride themselves on two things above all – the love of horses and honour of the history of the Australian Light Horse.

For those who missed out on the Stanthorpe Show demonstration, there is another chance to see the Light Horse in action on the Granite Belt this year.

The team is expected to be back on Anzac Day to take part in the ceremonial service at Weeroona Park in Stanthorpe. The group will bring equine solemnity to the service as horses help to fly the flag in remembrance of the diggers of World War I.