Kicking off grassroots campaign

Duke Wong is visiting towns across Queensland, listening to the voices of everyday Queenslanders to represent them at the federal level. Picture: SARAH DIMOND

By Lucy Waldron

Launching his bid for a seat in the federal senate, Milmerran man Duke Wong has kicked off his campaign with a grassroots approach by visiting various locations across Queensland.

Beginning his journey in his hometown just south of Toowoomba, Mr Wong has ventured into the outer reaches, including Goondiwini and Chinchilla, before making stops in the Southern Downs, where he has stationed himself in Warwick and Stanthorpe for several days.

Mr Wong’s campaign strategy emphasises engaging with smaller communities, fostering dialogue, and establishing a visible presence to convey his intentions directly to the people.

“Being independent with no political party backing me to fund advertisements, going to these towns is the way I think campaigning should be done,” Mr Wong said.

“Getting out to Queensland and speaking to the ordinary citizens on the streets and gauging how they feel on certain issues has generated many ideas for me.”

Under the banner of “We, The People,“ Mr Wong plans to adopt a unique approach, pledging to be influenced by citizen input through a voting system that will inform his decisions in the Senate.

“What I am trying to do is harness the goodness I have seen in people during my campaign,” he said.

With the federal election potentially scheduled anytime from August 2024 to May 2025, Mr Wong hopes his early engagement with communities across Queensland signifies a proactive step towards representing their interests in the political arena.