Mount Marley Telstra shut down

Mount Marley upgraded to 5G. Picture: CONTRIBUTED

Mount Marley residents with Telstra will experience service outages from 9 February to 16 February as the mobile base station undergoes upgrades.

Telstra has unveiled plans to enhance its mobile base station infrastructure in Mount Marley, promising improved 4G services and the introduction of new 5G coverage to the local community.

The upgrade works are expected to affect Telstra mobile coverage intermittently during daylight hours. Customers may have already received notifications via text messages regarding the impending maintenance.

While the improvements are set to temporarily disrupt Telstra mobile coverage, landline services, NBN internet connections, and mobile services from other providers will remain unaffected. Additionally, calls to Triple Zero from Telstra mobiles during the outage period will automatically redirect to alternative networks for emergency service connectivity.

Scott Mullaly, Acting Regional General Manager for Telstra, emphasised safety protocols and minimal disruption.

“Our crews will work diligently during daylight hours, ensuring minimal downtime for the community,“ Mullaly said.

“We will only switch off the site when necessary and aim to restore services promptly. Where feasible, we’ll only deactivate the specific tower sections undergoing maintenance.“

Acknowledging the inconvenience posed by the upgrade, Mullaly highlighted the long-term benefits.

“Upon completion, residents can expect enhanced mobile services,“ he affirmed. Telstra’s commitment to regional connectivity was underscored, with Mullaly citing substantial investments in the mobile network, including $11 billion nationally, with a significant portion dedicated to regional infrastructure.

During the upgrade period, Telstra advises residents to utilise Wi-Fi calling where available to mitigate connectivity issues. The company also clarified that while many businesses rely on the Telstra network for EFTPOS terminals, the EFTPOS network itself is managed by financial institutions, offering alternative connection methods such as fixed lines or Wi-Fi/NBN internet connections.

The Mount Marley upgrade signifies Telstra’s broader commitment to improving network infrastructure and introducing 5G connectivity. With the deployment of 5G services, Telstra aims to enhance customer experiences and alleviate network congestion on the 4G network.

Once operational, Mount Marley will join over 4,900 Telstra 5G sites nationwide, extending 5G access to 85 percent of Australians.

To access 5G services, customers will require compatible devices, prompting potential device upgrades for some users. Telstra encourages residents to stay informed about the upgrade process and explore options for uninterrupted service during the transition period.

The Mount Marley base station upgrade epitomises Telstra’s commitment to bridging the digital divide and enhancing connectivity across Australia’s regional landscapes.