Supporting mental wellbeing in rural towns

Rural minds workshop promotes mental wellbeing in rural towns. Picture: UNSPLASH

Addressing mental health challenges prevalent in rural and remote areas of Australia, the Rural Minds program has emerged as a beacon of support and education.

Created by and for individuals living and working in these regions, Rural Minds workshops offer a safe space to discuss mental health and well-being.

The upcoming Rural Minds workshop, hosted by the Granite Belt Neighbourhood Centre, promises to be a transformative event. Scheduled for Saturday 10 February, the workshop will take place at the Stanthorpe & District Men’s Shed, located within the Stanthorpe Showgrounds.

Attendees can expect engaging presentations, interactive activities, and opportunities for group discussions, all aimed at fostering a deeper understanding of mental health and well-being.

The program, which focuses on proactive and preventative practices, aims to equip participants with the tools and knowledge necessary to maintain and improve mental health. Through open conversations and informative sessions, attendees can explore various aspects of mental well-being in a relaxed environment.

Participants of Rural Minds workshops, typically small groups ranging from 10 to 20 people, are provided with training workbooks, a “passport to mental health,“ and a certificate of attendance.

In a world where mental health awareness is increasingly recognised as paramount, initiatives like Rural Minds offer invaluable support to communities, particularly those in rural and remote areas where access to resources may be limited.

Registration for the workshop is free and can be done by following the link