Your say on sports survey

Lance Forster taking on Lachlan Bain and Dominic Orville. Picture: CHRIS MUNRO

The Southern Downs, renowned for its vibrant communities and love for the great outdoors, is looking to its residents for feedback on how to shape the future of the region’s open, sport, and recreation spaces through the Southern Downs Regional Council’s survey.

Councillor Russell Wantling emphasised the importance of community engagement in developing the upcoming Open Space, Sport, and Recreation Master Plan, which will guide the region’s outdoor endeavours and opportunities.

“Open and recreational spaces contribute to a healthier, happier and more connected community, and the way our community uses open space and local outdoor facilities is evolving,” Councillor Wantling said.

“It is essential to understand how current parks and sporting fields are currently being utilised across the region to plan for a future healthy and active community.”

The master plan aims to enhance outdoor spaces and facilities, promote well-being, and foster community connections, ensuring these assets become the focal points of public life and local communities.

“From the survey’s feedback, the master plan will inform decisions for the existing open space network, as well as identify community needs to guide investment and planning of sport, recreation and open space opportunities for the Southern Downs,” Cr Wantling said.

Deputy Mayor Sheryl Windle also encouraged residents to participate in the survey, highlighting its role in shaping the future liveability of the region.

“By engaging with the community and considering their needs, our survey will guide the master plan’s vision in creating vibrant and accessible outdoor areas that enhance the well-being of residents and visitors alike,” Deputy Windle said.

“I look forward to the community coming forward with their feedback so Council can make informed decisions that pave the way to enhancing the region’s liveability.”

Residents are invited to complete the survey, which is open until 5pm on Friday, 21 June, 2024. The survey can be accessed online via the following links:

Sporting Club Survey:

Community Survey:

Youth Survey:

Hard copies of the survey are also available at Council’s Customer Service Centres and libraries.