The Country Clubs start the swimming season with a splash

On your mark, get set...

By Lucy Waldron

The swimming season kicked off with a splash on Saturday, 20 January, as country clubs from the Darling Downs gathered at the Stanthorpe Y’s Pool for the highly anticipated Country Championships.

Hosted by the Darling Downs Regional Swimming Association, this annual event draws participants from various country clubs on the Downs.

Stanthorpe Swimming Club President, Amy Hill said the turnout for the weekend was very successful with more than 250 swimmers representing their district.

“The country championships give a chance for rural kids and country kids to compete against other kids from similar sized communities,” Hill said.

“Lots of them know each other from different clubs and competitions so it is a great day for them to catch up.”

With determination in their eyes, several young swimmers pushed themselves to their limits, showcasing their skills in the hopes of clinching medals and titles that they could take back to their home clubs.

The competition was fierce, there were 13 records broken in the pool, adding an extra layer of excitement to an already vibrant atmosphere.

Age champions


8 Years – Sylvia Moore from Allora Club

9 Years – Jazmen Cooper from Inglewood Club

10 Years – Emma Pradella from Allora Club

11 Years – Maeve Moore from Allora Club

12 Years – Charlotte Colquhoun from Dalby Club

13 Years – Charlie Thies from Dalby Club

14 Years – Jessica Pradella from Allora Club

15 Years – Ali Murray from Allora Club

16 Years – Lillian Stenhouse from St George Club

17 Years & Over – Alyssa White from Allora Club

Multiclass – N/A


8 Years – Hunter Hayllor from Dalby Club

9 Years – Edward McAuley from Inglewood Club

10 Years – Jordan Pradella from Allora Club

11 Years – Oliver McAuley from Inglewood Club

12 Years – Blake Rees from Allora Club

13 Years – Hayden Brady from Western Aquatics

14 Years – Caleb McLellan from Western Aquatics

15 Years – Clayton Sternes from Dalby Club

16 Years – N/A

17 Years & Over – Caleb Weier from Dalby Club

Multiclass – Michael Whitby from Dalby Club